June 25, 2014 International Conference in Clermont – Ferrand, France

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The international conference of the R@W project took place the 25th of June 2014 at the Blaise Pascal University (UBP) in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The conference was fully participated by the European partners and the regional institutions dealing with vocational training and career guidance. Roberto Baldo, Giorgio Santarello, Maria Martin, Marian Tzankov and Haffid Abdel-Kader presented the innovative actions undertaken in their national contexts. The transnational collaboration focused on the constitution and the development of an European career support network. Lysiane Lelue, Sandrine Redersdorff, Cyril Triolaire and Sébastien Ménecier representing the UBP described the main outcomes of the testing phase (steps, tools, involved degree courses). Anne Garrait-Bourrier, Francoise Peyrard and Danielle Briot presented the UBP services regarding employment’ support, integrated with the R@W project’ approach.

Opening speech and presentation of pilot action’ results

The afternoon session finished with the presentations of Vincent Barra, Jean-Noel Simonnet and Eric Trimolière, shared the Michelin group’ VET programmes delivered in cooperation with the UBP; Michel James and a representative of APEC presented the partnerships between the University and the regional enterprises, and the programmes undertaken for the job seekers by the French Job centres.

The pilot action realized by UBP

A specific tool developed by the Engineering Department of the UBP and the cooperation University – Enterprises

Download now the conference presentations and pictures!
Presentation 1 UBP France – EN-FR(.pdf)
Presentation 2 GRETA France – EN (.pdf)
Presentation 3 UBP France – FR (.pdf)
Presentation 4 UBP France – FR (.pdf)
Presentation APEC France – EN (.pdf)
Presentation Forema Italy – EN (.pdf)
Presentation Michelin – ISIMA – France – EN (.pdf)


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