Kick off meeting in Clermont-Ferrand, France

    FranceThe kick-off meeting was held the 18th of October 2013 during the annual plenary meeting of the DAFPIC-GIP Auvergne which is the legal form of the organization set up for managing the network of Gretas in Auvergne region.

    The acronym GRETA means “collectives of secondary education establishments” which are specialized in training for adults. The members of GIP Auvergne are: the regional education authority (local Government), the Regional Council (decentralized authorities), Université Blaise Pascal, other regional HEIS.

    GIP Auvergne and the Greta’s network represent a perfect example of cooperation between different levels and actors of initial and continuing education in the region. One department of the GIP is more specifically focusing on vocational training and on the issues of insertion and outplacement, their representatives attended the meeting and seemed very interested in the presentation.

    Haffid Abdel-Kader presenting R@W project

    Haffid Abdel-Kader presenting R@W project





    P1030598Haffid Abdel-Kader, Advisor in continuing education involved in R@W project, presented and proposed an action plan to the Greta’s participants who are in charge of the main part of training for adults in Auvergne, and to manage the trainers who will realize the experimentation with the target groups in December 2013 and January 2014.

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