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The context analysis from the partnership highlighted the priority issues for the VET system in dealing with labour market emergencies:
- structural increase of the unemployment rate; decrease of the welfare services;
- difficulties in reaching Europe2020 goals, in particular:
- employment: increase to 75% the employment rate (for people aged between 20 and 64 years)
- social marginalization: at least 20 millions people less at risk or in situations of marginality
- relative lack of flexible tools to facilitate the functioning of the labor market and to match the demand of different customer segments.
VET systems are asked to promote new employment strategies, through training and career guidance. Training agencies and stakeholders often show lack of tools to satisfy the growing need for innovative services. The distance between labour market and VET systems is an emerging problem for both workers and enterprises.Fòrema has developed a pattern for outplacement "Restart@Work" to support VET systems to become more attractive for target groups and manage the labour market emergencies. Nevertheless, the current situation requires new solutions and European cooperation.

The aim is to transfer the outplacement pattern from Italy to Spain, France, Bulgaria, to enhance it through the contribution of partners, to return to Italy and finally to spread it in the EU countries, establishing a new thematic network.
Thanks to the project the partners will:
- use transparent procedures for setting new services and train their operators;
- apply and customize EQARF Recommendation and EQF/ECVET standards;
- develop international cooperation and new agreements;
- foster their marketing mix with new services focused on current needs.
The established network of Training Agencies, Social partners, Public Authority and Company in Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and France will put together all necessary competencies and expertise, to reach objectives and results and develop required synergies.

- a new adapted pattern for outplacement and 3 national tested versions;
- guidelines for further transfers;
- 80 trained operators and training aid for transfer;
- 60 pilot actions;
- training and awareness raising actions to enlarge the initial network.

The proposed activities will improve services quality provided by VET system and match issues from stakeholders on labour market at a local, national and afterwards European level.
The impact of the European cooperation will be extended to all actors who operate in training and employment market, enlarging outlined collective learning process. Trainees and final beneficiaries will be assisted in outplacement and professional restructuring process, tackling urgent problem of unemployment.



• direct target groups:
- experts, managers, teachers and trainers, counselors, tutors active in the field of higher, continuous, professional training and dealing with the labor market to reinforce and innovate their operational capacity;
- people unemployed or at risk;
• final target groups - stakeholders:
- training agencies, local and regional public institutions, job agencies; employers' associations, trade unions, thematic experts, SME

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