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Final publication:
"Chances for a new start: career support network"

At the end of two years of cooperation the partnership of Restart@Work
has developed a joint publication that summarizes the experience done.
The report collects the key points of the development and transfer process
of the model for career support, an effective tool to address the challenges
of the labor market.

Final publication: "Chances for a new start: career support network"

The results of the R@W model in 4 Eu countries: a successful case

The R@W model has been successfully applied in 4 countries: Bulgaria, France, Spain, Italy. More than the 20% of the target group was successfully employed within 3 months. A detailed description of the transfer and test phases is now available online!

R@W Overview
National report FR
National report ES
National Report BG
National Report IT

Context analysis

Each outplacement intervention must take into account the socio-economic environment whose direct/indirect target groups belong and where career guidance services and training actions for professional placement will be realized.
The main dimensions of analysis to be considered are:
A - Geographical area of interest
B - Economic and productive system
C - Social system and demography
D - Labour market and institutions

Context analysis in Italy   
Context analysis in France
Context analysis in Spain 
Context analysis in Bulgaria

Guidelines for the cross cultural transfer of R@W Model - DRAFT

The University of Padua - Department FISPPA prepared the guidelines to transfer the R@W model from Italy to Bulgaria, France and Spain. The draft will be validated after the Evaluation outcomes.
These guidelines shall be used to minimize the negative influence that the process of translation and adaptation of the R@W model has on the effectiveness of localized R@W-based outplacement interventions. In the adaptation process, the need to establish the appropriateness of the training actions and assessment tools within the importing culture has the highest priority.

Three main issues are tackled:
1. Italy, Spain, France and Bulgaria compared according to Hofstede’s 4 factor model of national culture;
2. Basic concepts in cross-cultural research and main steps of the translation process.
3. Implementing the adapted R@W protocol: the importance of context analysis (R@W protocol, phase 1.1).

DRAFT Guidelines for Transfer 2013

R@W Outplacement Model – Let’s start!

The R@W Outplacement Model and the structure of its implementation process is now available for download! The Model, developed by Forema and successfully tested with the cooperation of social partners and employment services in the Padua province (Italy), will be now tested and adapted in Spain, Bulgaria and France.
Curious? Contact the nearest national organization in Zaragoza, Clermont-Ferrand or Sofia.

R@W_Outplacement Protocol




.Transcript of interview trainers France


Transcript of interview trainer Bulgaria

Transcript of interview trainer Spain (IT)

International conference in Clermont-Ferrand:
presentation of pilot action' results


The pilot action realized by UBP

A specific tool developed by the Engineering Department of the UBP and the cooperation University – Enterprises
Newsletter I
Newsletter II
Newsletter III
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